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40 Sites That Pay You To BlogLooking for sites that pay you to blog?

This incredibly massive list of 40 sites actually pay you to blog.

We wanted to create a free, done-for-you resource to help you make money blogging so we put together this roundup.

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Ok, now, onto the list!

40 Sites That Pay You To Blog-Sponsored Networks

A sponsored network is a company that matches bloggers with brands that want to sponsor.

Brands want to sponsor because sponsorships are a form of paid advertising.

They want to gain exposure for their brand through the blog’s audience.

It’s a win-win.

The blogger gets paid and the brand gets exposure and possibly earns sales, increases the size of their email list (leads), etc.

Check out these networks that you can join for free and start getting paid to blog via sponsorships!

1. Izea

2. Linqia

3. Real Clever

4. Sway

5. Activate

6. Famebit


40 Sites That Pay You To Blog-Blog Writing

This next batch of opportunities are writing-based, where you will get paid to blog write.

This is different from sponsorships which require quite a bit of promotion of a brand.

This focuses more on the writing piece.

Check out these sites that pay for your blog writing.

8. AMC Outdoors magazine-pays $750 for features

9. Listverse-pays $100

10. Metro Parent Magazine-pays up to $200+

11. The Dollar Stretcher-pays $.10/word

12. Photoshop Tutorials-pays up to $300

13. Healthy Living Magazine-pays up to $160

14. Vibrant Life-pays up to $300

15. Radish Magazine-pays up to $150

16. Whole Life Times-pays up to $150

17. VQR-pays up to $1,000+

18. Boys’ Life-pays up to $1,500

19. Catholic Digest-pays $500

20. American Early Life-pays $500

40 Sites That Pay You To Blog-Ad Networks

An advertising network works with publishers (like you, the blogger) and advertisers.

Advertisers seek to show their ads on publisher websites and publisher websites want to monetize their website with ads shown through networks.

Again, a win-win.

To join an ad network, it’s super easy.

Here’s the process for joining Google Adsense:

First, visit Google Adsense and join for free.

Then, go through their verification process.

Get accepted, get access to your ad code and place your site.

Earn money every time a visitor clicks the ads on your site.

That’s it!

Ad income is passive income.

You don’t have to do anything additional to earn advertising income. You can make money in your sleep. You can make money 24/7 on autopilot and your visitors doesn’t even have to take action, other than clicking the ad.

The only caveat?

Ad income is incredibly low paying.

In order for you to make a full-time income, you will need a LOT of traffic. Not to be discouraging because you may have a lot of traffic or if you don’t, I’m sure you are on your way there. Between now and then, you can still enjoy earning money passively with ads.

Here are some networks you can consider.

21. Google Adsense

22. Media.net

23. Sovrn

24. Mediavine

25. Monumetric

26. Adthrive

40 Sites That Pay You To Blog-Freelance

These next sites pay you on a freelance basis to contribute to their website.

You book these gigs through career banks where you set up a profile for free, then pitch and bid for jobs.

This is one of the first ways I personally got my start and I’ve earned $10K+ from sites like these, not to mention all the fruitful future opportunities that came from these original jobs.

27. Upwork

28. Guru

29. Freelancer

30. Remote

31. Problogger Jobs

32. Mediabistro

33. Contena

34. Freelancing Gigs

35. Bark

36. Thumbtack

37. Craigslist

38. Indeed

39. Blogging Pro

40. Journalism Jobs

40 Sites That Pay You To Blog-Cold Pitching

Ok so, I won’t be naming sites or sources here for cold pitching.

Let me explain it to you.

When you cold pitch a client, you are reaching out to them with no prior relationship.

This can freak out a lot of bloggers but there is no reason to be nervous about this.

Cold pitching has helped me earn thousands of dollars in blog sponsorships, land freelance gigs, and get paid!

So, how do you do it?

Subscribe to my blogging bulletin where you get leads delivered to your inbox twice a month, along with tips and best practices.

Sit back, relax, and check your inbox.

Then contact leads with the email addresses I provide you. Pitch them with the template I share with you, and start earning an extra $1,000+ per month!

Final Word

There ya go! 40 sites that pay you to blog.


Do you have sites that have paid you to blog? Share with us down below in comments!

40 Sites That Pay You To Blog