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In a quest to learn more about the inner workings and curiosity about other bloggers, we launched our interview series. Every month we will feature a new blogger or series of bloggers, learning about their start, their blog, background and dive into it all!

In today’s interview series, we are talking with Nandita, blogger from Nandyz Soulshine about her journey with blogging, why and how she started and more. Take a look!

Can you tell me a little about the inspiration behind your blog? And your blog is Nandyz Soulshine, right?

Going through some life-changing tough situations made me realize the power behind the phrase YOLO – you only live once. It’s easy to bend down or give up when things get tough, but that doesn’t solve anything. The only way forward I could see was to girl up and take back control of my life.

Nandyz Soulshine offers those lessons learned with the added benefit of perfect vision in hindsight for anyone on a similar journey. Life’s too precious to be wasted away in regrets and my heartfelt hope is that anyone visiting my blog leaves it encouraged to make the most of their life.


What is your overall goal?

I know this might sound like a cliché, but my overall goal is to be able to touch as many lives positively, in whatever small or big way, as possible. Not just directly through my blog, but indirectly too. Financial freedom gives us the liberty to be generous.

I’d like my kids to see that it’s possible to go against general norms of success, do what your heart desires, and be happy with how it all turns out.


How are you promoting your blog?

I’m not using any paid ads right now but mainly focus on Pinterest and Facebook. Instagram and Twitter are also bringing in new followers though I don’t put much effort into those.


What are some ways you are building your list?

Right now I’m mostly depending on Pinterest for sending readers to my site. Plus, I’m being more mindful of SEO, but not over-consciously.

Tell me more about the upcoming course (by the way, if you are taking affiliates, I’d love to be one)?

I’d love to have you as my affiliate when I launch my course and would give you a heads-up if you’re interested.

The brand new course that I’d be offering would essentially be about managing and successfully dealing with stress in our daily life. It’s something that I’ve been dealing with and would like to help those on the same path.


What are your favorite tools/resources that you recommend?

Tailwind and Tasty pins have been really important in letting me stay consistent with the promotion of my blog. They’re very user-friendly and deliver promised results.

If you had to give advice to a new blogger, what would it be?

To save a lot of wasted time & effort in the long run, the number one thing is to decide on a niche and narrow it down as much as possible.


If you had to start over again, what would you do differently, if anything?

Though I think the mistakes I made early on helped me understand better why people advise against them, I’d have done these 3 things differently –

1. Not hustle to send traffic to my blog, but put in more effort to direct organic traffic to the site. The main reason being I don’t rely on ads to monetize my blog.

2. Instead of trying to patch up advice from a lot of different sources, I would have invested earlier in a good course.

3. Narrowed down my niche further much earlier.


Who are some of your mentors in your niche or blogging industry?

I like the kind of thoughts presented on Tiny Buddha because they totally resonate with me and are anchored in reality.

For blogging advice, I mainly rely on Melyssa Griffin. I find her approach to online entrepreneurship relatable. The other person would be Ruth Soukup.

Final Thoughts

Thanks so much to Nandita for sharing this candid interview. You can find her on Nandyz Soulshine. Check it out when you can, it’s a really incredible blog.