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8 Genius Ways to Increase Blog TrafficTired of trying to figure out how to increase your blog traffic? It can definitely be a challenge but these 8 tips down below will give you some ideas for traffic generation. Check out these 8 genius ways to increase blog traffic:

1. Use Social Media

Social media is going to be your right hand man when it comes to your traffic. Start with joining  3 social channels for your biz and focus on those to drive traffic back to your website. Get Google Analytics installed and figure out…

Where your audience dwells?

Where are they hanging out online?

Whatever social networks are driving the most traffic, make sure to buckle down your efforts and focus on those networks.

2. Join Social Communities

Social communities are so huge for traffic. These collective groups can help you up your traffic numbers almost instantly.

Consider this..

You join an engagement group for bloggers on Facebook and participate in a Clickthrough thread. It results in getting 100 new clicks to your website in one day!

Rinse and repeat daily for 3K visits per month and if you do this with multiple groups, you can grow your traffic even more.

This is just one example. You can also join groups and lists on other networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

3. Pinterest for Traffic

Pinterest. Pinterest is amazing for traffic. Here are some top tips to help you stand out on Pinterset

  • Optimize your Pinterest profile by using keyword rich descriptions, pins, and board descriptions
  • Pin often, like 25X or more per day
  • Automate your efforts (Try out my favorite social tool, Tailwind, you’ll thank me later :))
  • Get a business account and rich pins

Pinterest can help you propel your traffic numbers almost overnight. It’s one of the easiest ways to go viral too.

8 No Nonsense Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

4. Question/Answer Sites

Question/answer sites like Quora are great for traffic. Join the site, build your profile and start answering questions. Browse for your niche, then answer the question fully and thoroughly, like you’d be writing a blog post. Make sure to use examples, images, screenshots, everything you would do for a blog post. It will make your answer stand out and increase the number of upvotes you get. I’ve had answers on Quora get as many as 30,000 views! Give this a try.

5. Guest Posting for Traffic

Guest posting is a little known secret for web traffic. It can feel incredibly daunting but it is totally worth it. Find sites in your niche that you can guest post for. Web creators are always hungry for content so it shouldn’t be too hard to get approved for one or more guest posts.

It’s easy..

  • Research niche websites
  • Then, pitch
  • Lastly, create your guest post and submit

Don’t be afraid to start accepting guest posts on your site as well!

6. Mention Others

Feature other bloggers, experts, and web creators on your blog. Then, contact them to let them know!

This puts you in the forefront of their mind which means they may feature you back! And, at the very least, socially share your content to their audience. People love a good shout out so you will do well with this one!

7. Create a Strategy

Write it all down and create a strategy, a traffic strategy. Monitors your results, look at your starting point and progress. Then, continue to check back in the future to see your growth. Never stop doing this. It will help you work toward boosting your traffic.

8. Be Consistent

Consistency is what will pull everything together. Follow through, continue your efforts and be consistent. That is all.

Final Thoughts

There ya go, 8 ideas to increase blog traffic. Try these starting today and let us know how you do! Do you have advice on a traffic tactic that has helped you? Share with us! Comment down below so we can hear from you.

8 Genius Ways to Increase Blog Traffic