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how much do bloggers make

Blogger’s are so poor…or are they? Have you ever wondered, how much do blogger’s make? I mean, how much do they really make? We will answer this question and more, all in this post.

Spoiler alert: they DO make money!

So, what’s the deal with this question? A lot of people think blogger’s don’t make money. So, I guess they think they write these websites for the heck of it, or maybe for the fun of it. Truth be told, blogging can be a hobby, but a very fruitful one, rewarding the blog owner with:

  • Freebies
  • Money
  • Free travel
  • And, so much more!

When I first learned about blogging, I was running an ecommerce store.

How much do bloggers really makeI ran an online women’s boutique and I worked with bloggers often to feature my products on their website, model my garments, get professionally shot gorgeous photos to use on the store website, and more.

I knew that some bloggers charged for work like this (what I did with my online store) but I also knew a lot of them did it for free.

It didn’t strike me then, that bloggers made money, let alone a full-time income, until I became one!

My Start in Blogging

I was coming off running my ecommerce store. My store was very successful and I ended up flipping it for a nice profit a few years after opening. I was a lot of hard work and I was so crazy about it, I used all my free time to put toward the business.

It was a a huge time suck and took away my time from my family, from me (my personal time) and in the end, I decided to let it go.

So, months before I even sold it, I played with the idea of starting a new online biz.

But, what the heck could I do?

So, I came across a Pinterest pin.

The pin revealed that this blogger made $68,000 in one month from blogging.

Jaw drop.

I read that entire post and several more (dozen) income reports from her blog and then dove into more income reports and more info about blogging on Pinterest and Google.

After weeks of research, I decided to give blogging a try.

So, I started my first blog, in the niche money making and personal finance.

I thought the two would go along well, making money and saving money. It was a natural fit for me because prior to quitting my dreaded 9 to 5 for the ecommerce biz, I spent about a year searching for work from home opportunities.

Some were real, others were not. So in that, I gained a lot of knowledge and learned a ton so, I poured that info into my first blog, to educate the public.

That blog went so well, I actually flipped it for a profit just under a year later, for a nice five figures.

how much do bloggers make

If you don’t know about website flipping, you can read more about it here. And, I teach others how to start a website flipping business of their own here.

So, how much do bloggers really make?

The answer is…

it varies!

There are so many factors that go into blogging income, including..

  • Age of blog (seasoned blogs tend to earn more)
  • Type of monetization
  • Blog niche
  • Plus, more!

Blog Age

Typically older blogs tend to be those that are making money. Not always, but usually.

That’s because they are usually more trafficked sites with tons of backlinks, search traffic, and more. Again, NOT ALWAYS!

If you are a newbie blogger, it’s totally possible to earn a full-time income. Early in my blogging journey I remember coming across a handful of bloggers making four figures within their first 6 months blogging. And, I started making five figures per month in my first 12 months blogging.

By the way, this blogger is an example of a newbie blogger earning a full-time income ($5K+ per month) from her blog. She teaches her strategies for making full-time income through affiliate marketing on her new blog.


These are the different income streams associated with the blog. Bloggers earn through a mix of different income streams, including but not limited to:

Blog Niche

The niche makes a different, believe me. Because, not all blog niches are profitable.

For example, the stamp collecting niche may not be as profitable as the money saving/budgeting niche.

The top 5% of bloggers earn a full-time income

how much do bloggers make

That means 95% of bloggers, do not!

That means, to make a full-time income, you’ve gotta be the best of the best. Here are a few things that will make you stand apart as a blogger:

  • SSL certificate and a self-hosted blog (get hosting and a FREE SSL certificate with my favorite blog host)
  • Long form blog posts
  • Easy to read articles
  • Pinworthy article titles and graphics
  • Consistency

SSL Certificate + Self Hosted

Ok so first, the primary reason why SSL is used is to keep sensitive information sent across the Internet encrypted so that only the intended recipient can access it, according to this source. The reason why it’s crucial to blogging, other than the reason above is because Google likes it and you’ll likely get loads more traffic with an SSL than without one.

Next, hosting is pretty important for your blog.

A hosted blog looks like this one, http://www.herbloggingidea.com instead of if it were NOT hosted, it might look like this http://www.herbloggingideas.wordpress.com.

You see the difference.

A hosted blog looks more professional and legitimate. It has a ton of real and perceived value that’s worth the cost.

So yes, hosting costs money but luckily, it’s incredibly cheap with this company. At just a few bucks a month, you get hosting plus a FREE SSL certificate, FREE domain, and other cool perks. I have personal experience with this host and believe me when I tell you, they are fantastic.

Long Form Content

how much do bloggers make

Long form content is content on your blog that’s long.

So when you write a blog post, you want it to be 2,500 words or longer.

That helps with SEO (search engine optimization) which means it helps the chances of your blog and blog post landing on page one of Google for search terms.

For example, if you write a post about vegan chocolate chili (yes, this is a thing and it’s pretty tasty) and your post has 1,000 words compared to a post about vegan chocolate chili with 3,000 words. Google is gonna favor the longer post.

So, to keep your blog in the game, aim for long form posts on EVERY SINGLE BLOG POST.

It can be a pain in the butt. It can feel tedious and time-consuming. But, it’s worth it.


When you look at other blogs that make it (financially speaking), they tend to have longer blog posts.

There’s a handful of things that some bloggers do, that just “get it.” And, long form blog posts is one of the secrets people are not talking about.

Think about it from your perspective too.

If you are searching for a topic on Google or Pinterest or wherever and you finally find an interesting article you’re wanting to check out. If it’s 2,500+ words, how excited would you be? What if it was 600 words?

Get it.

Speaking of Pinterest, please give me a follow!

how much do bloggers make

Easily Readable

You want to keep the reader on your post AS LONG AS POSSIBLE.

To do that, you gotta make your posts readable.

That means short paragraphs, interesting topics and headlines, and graphics!

Short paragraphs should be max 3 sentences long.

Interesting topics are the stuff that people are searching for. Type your idea in Google and then look at these questions…

how much do bloggers make

These are the burning questions that Googlers are searching for. Address those questions. Title your blog with those questions. Add subheads with those questions! P.S. this really works, give it a try.

Make it Pinworthy

Pinworthy just means it’s interesting enough to catch the attention of a pinner to save it.

Do this by creating a catchy headline, creating gorgeous Canva graphics, and making the post all around stellar. Here’s a tutorial on how to create pins in Canva.


Be Consistent

Consistency is key.

This means create a publishing schedule and stick to it. Whether it’s once a month or ten times a month.

This goes a long way, trust me.

How Much Do Blogger’s Make?

Ok, so top bloggers earn five to six figures per month. That is NOT a typo.

Making Sense of Cents earns $100K+ per month. Check out her income reports. She is the real deal. And..the icing on top..she teaches students how she does it, in her training!

More successes?

Are you gonna make five or six figures per month off the bat?

Probably not, but you totally can.

What a lot of bloggers miss out on is treating their blog like a job. That means tending to it regularly, and following the tips I set above.

You CAN make money starting from month 1 on a new blog. I have, tons of times (I’ve created over a dozen blogs).

Here are some quick tips for making income in every income category I shared above..dive in!

Making Money Blogging with Affiliate Marketing

how much do bloggers makeAffiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money on your blog.

You’re talking about stuff on your blog. So…link to it!

When your reader buys from your affiliate link, you earn a commission, at no extra cost to them.

For example, you refer a vegan cookbook for $40 with a 20 percent commission (earning you $8)

A reader buys 2 copies from your affiliate link.

You just earned $16!

That is exactly how it works.

You might be thinking, “big whoop $16.” But, imagine if you made multiple $16 sales everyday. And, that’s just from one affiliate program!

It really makes you think.

The income potential here with affiliate marketing is unlimited.

Top Affiliate Programs to Join

Making Money Blogging with Advertising

Ads are totally passive income.

Start with Google Adsense. Then, once you reach 25,000+ monthly sessions, move to Mediavine. Then, if you top 100K monthly page views, consider Adthrive.

Ads will sit on your site and earn you money, for doing nothing, other than just running your blog, posting content, writing blog posts, etc.

Making Money Blogging with Products

Your own products.

This is where the goldmine is.

Use your expertise to create awesome products. This can be physical products like T-shirts or merch. Or, digital products like courses and ebooks.

Resources for Physical Products

Resources for Digital Products

Whether you produce physical or digital products, before you start, you want to build an email list.

Grow your list by offering a freebie.

Like if you want to create a vegan ecookbook, gather email addresses for it, by offering a free vegan recipe in exchange for an email address.

Simple stuff like that.

You can pull off a five figure launch with as little as a few hundred email subscribers.

You get those subs fast with lead magnets. Give away a freebie in exchange for email.

Put these lead magnets all over your site and social media. Promote the heck out of them.

Then, when it’s time to launch your product. Email your list!

For more tips and advice on product launches, check out this stellar blog.

Making Money Blogging with Services

Sell your services.

What are you good at?

What services can tie into your blog?

Some ideas:

  • Recipe creation
  • Blog auditing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Consulting
  • Virtual assistance
  • Web development/design
  • Copywriting

I highly recommend you use Sendowl for selling services.

You can create a service and price it in under 2 minutes. Then you will get Buy It Now buttons, purchase links and all kinds of goodies to use to sell your material. Buyers will purchase through your buy buttons and links. Sendowl collects their payment and pays you!

Learn more and check out their GENEROUS 30-day FREE trial.

Making Money Blogging with Sponsorships

Brand deals, or sponsorships are where you get paid to blog!

You will feature a brand on your blog, social media and/or email list, in exchange for compensation.

This can be either money, free products, or both!

For example, you can write a blog post about a credit repair company in exchange for your sponsor fee of $1,500. They pay you and you feature them to your blog audience. Win-win!

For more on sponsorships, check out this helpful resource.

Final Thoughts

Whoop, whoop..you got to the end!

So, this wraps up our post on how much bloggers make. What do you think?

Feel motivated to start your own blog.

Good news is, you can get started for under a few bucks per month and in under a half hour with our FREE blogging guide which gives you step-by-step instructions on starting your own blog.

Blogging is truly life changing.

It’s allowed me to work from home, being able to eliminate the stress of requesting time off for doctors appointments and important life events from employers, giving me the freedom to be home to walk my son to the bus stop in the morning and pick him up from the bus stop after school, taking limitless vacations according to MY SCHEDULE, enjoy unlimited income potential, make friends, network, learn a lot, educate and inspire others and it all comes from blogging!

If you are curious about starting your own blog….

Bloggers DO make money and this is something you can truly turn into an amazing empire, whether you wanna do it on the side part-time, or turn it into a full-time adventure.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Don’t be a stranger. Comment below and share your thoughts, questions, comments!

See you in the next post!

how much do bloggers make