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How to Land High-Paying Sponsors

It can feel truly incredible when a brand agrees to work with you. They love your blog and feel like your audience is in line with their product and the two of you come together in partnership. This article is going to share 4 key ideas to help you land high-paying sponsors. These actionable tips are amazing and you will want to put them into practice starting today!

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Landing High-Paying Sponsors Tip #1

How to Land High-Paying SponsorsFirst, you want to make sure your blog is prepped for sponsors. Here’s how you do that:

  • Make sure all your pages are complete (no blank About pages, or broken Contact pages here)
  • Do a full audit to ensure there are no broken links and each part of your site is professional looking and attractive
  • Add a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
  • Get a SSL certificate (this changes your blog from http to https..this is super Google friendly, by the way)

Ok, so do these things to clean up your blog and move onto tip #2.

Landing High-Paying Sponsors Tip #2


Don’t wait for brands to come to you. Take control and pitch them.

  • Make a list of products you use
  • Find the contacts and email addresses for those companies
  • Send a thoughtful email introducing your blog and sharing your ideas for collaboration

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Landing High-Paying Sponsors Tip #3

Join sponsored post networks.

Join as many as you can. Use these networks along with pitching to get the most sponsorships ever.

Check out this list of sponsors above, to get started.

Landing High-Paying Sponsors Tip #4

Spy on the competition. Check other bloggers in your niche and see what sponsors they are working with, then pitch those sponsors.

This is a warm lead and much better than pitching coldly, to sponsors that have no history or relationship with former bloggers.

Final Thoughts

Check out this video sharing more ways to land those high paying sponsors so you can grow your blogging income and get the experience of working with brands.

How to Land High-Paying Sponsors