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How to Earn Five Figures Per Month Flipping Websites

You might be wondering what does flipping websites have to do with blogging?

Well, it’s a great form of supplemental income. Because blogging has big swings sometimes, which can impact your income. Like if Pinterest suspends your account by accident, or Tailwind goes down, or your website goes down for a few hours unexpectedly, and other outside factors.

For a long time, my blogging income was between $4K and $16K per month. Can you friggin’ imagine? One month make $4K and the next month earn $10,000 more and the following month earn $6K less. It was a super pain in the butt. I’ve learned to stabilize things now and earn a consistent higher monthly income from blogging which I totally love but, I still have multiple income streams.

The various income streams I employ help me to supplement my blogging income if anything were to happen.

For example, I see bloggers get 90% of their income from YouTube and then get a copyright strike (or multiple strikes) which impacts their income big time.

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Or, I see bloggers who get 99% of their traffic from Pinterest and suddenly Pinterest flags them as spam, taking down their account and all pins, and regardless of it getting corrected or not (it usually does get fixed, by the way), it can take 7 to 10 days or longer to turn around so all that time, zero traffic and zero income.

So, flipping websites is a great way to help you earn a side income, and to the tune of up to five figures per month, which can be done.

How to Break Into Flipping Websites

Learn more in my training and check out my video below which explains more on the process. Enjoy!

How to Earn Five Figures Per Month Flipping Websites

How to Make Money Flipping Websites