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canva pinterest templates to help you slay your biz Pinterest is THE way to market your business, today. People are going nuts over it because it’s such a valuable resource to increase exposure to your brand and it’s free! I’ve been using Pinterest for years to grow my businesses to six figure page views per month, make hundreds of thousands of dollars, grow my client’s businesses and more. So, how does this whole Pinterest thing work and why are Canva Pinterest templates so amazing? Keep reading to find out!

Pinterest and its Awesome Sauce

Pinterest is a visual search engine. People from around the world head there to find all kinds of things to help them solve problems like:

  • A recipe for tonight’s dinner
  • Cleaning hack to get coffee stains out of carpet
  • Tips for getting baby to latch on for nursing
  • How to make extra money for summer vacation

As you are marketing to your audience, you keep their pain point in mind.

What are they looking for?

What problem do they have?

And, how can you solve that problem?

Once you start here, you will be golden.

Because, Pinterest can drive loads of FREE traffic to your website, business, or brand. And again, this is all FREE, without even diving into their Promoted Pins advertising.

Here are some success tips to get you started…

Pinterest Tips for Success

Treat your Pinterest account professionally, like it’s your job. Make sure you have these parts of your profile complete:

  • Bio photo
  • Bio description
  • Boards (10+)
  • Pins (10+ per board)

Your bio photo should be clear and share your brand’s message, whether it be a snappy photo of yourself or your brand logo. You must, must, must have a bio photo.

Next, your bio description should be loaded with keywords, in a natural way. No keyword stuffing here. Explain your mission or purpose, why your brand exists and use your keywords. Do not forget to link your website.

Your boards are so important. There is never such a thing as too many boards. Aim for 25 to start and keep growing them over time. The most successful pinners I see with millions of monthly viewers, including my accounts, have HUNDREDS of boards.

This isn’t too tough to do, especially with group boards.

Join as many relevant group boards as you can. They should be laser-focused on your niche and participate in those boards, both pinning and sharing your pins.

Pins should be vertical, with bright, gorgeous photos. They can have text overlay or not. Many industries do well with both, or one or the other. Like, food pins might fair better with text so the pinner knows what they are looking at. While, home decor pins do perfectly fine with a stunning photo, no text needed.

And these are your quick tips. Now, the templates!

Canva Pinterest Templates

20+ Canva Pinterest Templates to Slay Your Business

Canva is a free tool that helps you create graphics. You can use these graphics for anything and everything!

  • Email header
  • Facebook banner
  • Pinterest pins
  • Ebook cover
  • Sales page
  • Brochure
  • Media kit
  • Resume
  • Powerpoint presentation

The list is endless!

It’s totally free, with an option to upgrade.

Now, what cuts your time in half with Pinterest are Canva Pinterest templates. These templates are predesigned outlines of your Pinterest pins that you can use, swapping out text and image in a snap to create stunning Pinterest pinnable graphics for your business.

If you start from scratch in Canva, it can take a very long time to craft your pin. But, with these templates, you can have pins created super, uber-fast!

Grab these 20+ Pinterest templates for your pins, at just $.50 each. You won’t be sorry!

Final Thoughts

Do you use Pinterest for your business? Share some of your tips and best practices so we can all continue to learn together!

canva pinterest templates to help you slay your biz