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Are you a blogger and wondering if you’re failing at this blogging thing? We’re going to show you 7 huge mistakes bloggers make? Are you making them? Keep reading to find out!

7 Huge Mistakes Bloggers Make

No blogger is perfect. And, even if you think they are, there was probably a lot of struggle and growth along the way that led that “perfect in your eyes” blogger to the point they are at. The point is, everybody makes mistakes and the most important thing is uncovering them and learning from them, so you can be better at this blogging thing.

So, what mistakes with blogging could you possibly be making?

Check these out to see if you’re doing these mistakes.

1. You Are Doing it ALL Yourself

You aren’t automating. You are doing all the work yourself manually.

Now, regardless of what level of you are are blogging, automation just makes sense.

This can mean bringing on a virtual assistant or using a tool to help you with a task.

Automation doesn’t have to be expensive, there are a ton of free tools and resources to help you out.

At the end of the day, time is money and your time is so precious. Save time and dedicate it to other important aspects of your blogging business through automation.

Here are some tools we recommend:

Tailwind is for scheduling out your Pinterest and Instagram posts. I use it specifically for Pinterest and it’s a total time saver. You can schedule the week’s posts in a few minutes and be set FOR THE WEEK! You can also schedule it out further. I have done scheduling out as far as a month out.

Hootsuite is for scheduling multiple social posts. The layout is easy to understand and it’s perfect for staying organized.

Missing Lettr is for Twitter. You can create evergreen campaigns for Twitter from your blog posts. For example, if you publish a post today on your blog, you can schedule 12 evergreen Twitter posts to post to your Twitter account over the next 12 months on autopilot. It’s pretty incredible. A complete drip campaign that takes less than 5 minutes to setup per post!

Facebook Scheduler is right on Facebook. When you prepare your Facebook post on your page, instead of publishing immediately, you can Schedule out the post for a later time. Do this for the entire week, or for the month, to setup your Facebook posts on autopilot!

Later, or Latergram is for Instagram and lets you schedule Instagram posts. You will love it.

2. You Are NOT Self Hosted

Eek..if you aren’t self hosted, that means your blog won’t look like this…www.thisisyourblog.com, instead it’ll look something like this, http://www.thisisyourblog.wordpress.com

The first option is HOW YOU WANT YOUR BLOG URL to appear. Not only does it look professional-looking but self hosting comes with all these perks:

  • The ability to use Adsense to run Ads on your Site and keep 100% profit
  • Install Plugins on your Site
  • Install a beautiful paid Blog Theme
  • Totally control of your blog branding
  • Optimize your site for SEO
  • Make money from your website
  • Custom Domain
  • Using HTML and code

Our favorite host: Bluehost

Their monthly package is just a few bucks per month (super affordable) and comes with FREE domain, SSL certificate and other freebies.

Check out our FREE step-by-step guide on setting up your self-hosted blog with Bluehost.

3. Your Blog Is NOT Secure

Big mistake. Even if you have a teeny blog or you are a new blogger, you need security.

Check out Sucuri.

4. Not Investing in the Necessary

Investing in tools, resources, paid help, courses, ebooks, etc. It is absolutely necessary.

On my very first blog, my first investment was pretty huge in my eyes. I paid around $150 and got an affiliate course. Within 3 weeks of course completion I made 6 times over the amount of the course. So I spent around $150 and made nearly $900.

This was that course.

You want to learn with blogging and while you can learn through experience, if you want to accelerate your learning and get taught by an expert, learning a technique that can help you NOW, rather than feeling your way through it, invest in a resource.

My Favorite Resources I Recommend:

  • Cracking the Code: This ebook teaches you about Amazon Associates affiliate marketing. So you can learn how to make money blogging with Amazon. This new blogger REALLY cracked the code, making $5K to $7K on her new, small blog and she teaches you how she does it!
  • Bluchic: The most gorgeous feminine WordPress themes and tools, like landing pages, email signup templates and so much more. Check these out! (I have bought over a dozen different things from Bluchic)
  • Sendowl: For digital products, they collect payment from your customers and digitally deliver goods to them too. So easy. They have a FREE 30 day trial (HUGE) AND prices start at just $9/month. I have been a customer with them for years now.
  • Be Your Own Blog Boss: Learn how to run your blog like a boss and make money doing it! Killer course.

5. Not Using Social Media

You gotta be pro-social media. So many people, bloggers, are against it and they want to learn how to grow their blog through “other methods.”


Embrace social media. It is going to be where you find your fans, audience, connect with your peers, build an audience, grow your traffic and more.

6. Not Using Pinterest

Pinterest is a goldmine for traffic. It should not be your primary traffic driver, though it may, in the beginning, but think of Pinterest as a traffic supplement.

You can go viral on Pinterest super easily.
And, graphics and headlines play a major role with that.

Check out Canva for creating graphics and Tailwind for scheduling your pins.

7. No Email List

Ahh..you gotta have a list. From the very beginning.

When I first started blogging, I really resisted this and if I hadn’t, I would have probably 3X as many subscribers as I do now, and I have X,XXX subscribers.

Start a list, create lead magnets, nurture your list, chat with them, educate and sell.

Final Word

There ya go.

Are you making these mistakes?

Share your thoughts down below.

7 Huge Mistakes Bloggers Make

7 Huge Mistakes Bloggers Make